Saturday, February 28, 2009

Truly iin LoVe

Truly iin love...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lil Sammie??? wow!

OMG! is that Sammy??? No seriiously! He's such a CUTIE! ii mean hes always been a cutie but damn hes Grown lol... iim so glad he grew into that nose lol...

Soulja Boy Tell'em? Tell'em what?

ok sooooo I DONT CARE what any of you fools say ii truly like Soulja Boy! lol Seriously this dude is super young and really doing iit... OK OK ii know sum of his music dont make much sense BUT its FUN!!!! like this song... iim not really sure why hes eatting diamonds for breakfast but idk maybe this silly kiid just doesnt know were in a recession and wants bad teeth... IDk lol but other than that hes pretty talented and a cute kiid and hopefully when he matures he'll lose the white tee and sagged jeans and adopt a Diesel Cardigan and sum fitted Nudies.... (iim just sayiin)

Silly Kiid!

OMG! This has got to be the Funniest Kid ever!!! The situation is a little disturbing cuz its obvious he's witnessed thiis but still its effiinn hilarious... Thanxx Kenny!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Silly Kids

LMFAO! DUDE! idk y this video iis so funny but iit iis!!! like the kid iis super cute iin a weiird way like he reminds me of a nome or sumthing lol hahaha hes to funny! but is he like watching a video or wat? idk but iits too funny!!! isn't it??? ahahahahaha

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar 2009 Yay & Nay!

By far the Best Dressed
at the
2009 Oscars

Taraji P. Henson
in a Roberto Cavalli strapless gown (HOTT!)
ii Believe her necklace is by Fred Leighton

photo by Jeff Vespa

Angelina Jolie
in a black strapless Elie Saab gown
paired with emerald Lorraine Schwartz earrings
and an AMAZING cocktail ring to match
(Whoop Whoop)
photo by Kevork Djansezianq
Sarah Jessica Parker
in this minty dream from Dior’s haute couture collection.
(ii thought she looked wonderful but ii keep hearing everyone say they hated iit...
UUGGHH maybe you guys were expecting something a little sexier?)

photo by Kevork Djansezia
Penelope Cruz
in a vintage Balmain treasure!
(ii'd totally marry my Kriissy iin thiis)
photo by Steve Granitz
Evan Rachel Wood
in Elie Saab haute couture
(ii loved the dark nail polish kinda looks like Caffine Fix from the Sephora by OPI
iisn't she Marilyn Manson’s ex beau?)

photo by Jason Merritt

Now for the WORST OMG there were soo many!!!

Whoopi Goldberg
in IDK WTF thiis iis or WHO the Fuck made it!
(Strewberry'z Plus Size Section maybe? SMH dude!)
photo by Steve Granitz

Miley Cyrus
in a Zuhair Murad dress thing
(OK so Vern iis sure to kill me for this but dude isn't she liike a younger Lindsy??? lol
ii would have much rather have seen her sluty than in this grand-ma/Sparkly Tree gown)

photo by Kevork Djansezian

in a black mermaidish House of Dereon eyesore (ewww)
(Dude please! stick to singiing cuz you always look a mess when you wear
someTHING from your line... WTF thiis looks like my grandmomz sofa from the 80's...)
photo by Frazer Harrison

Oh yea here are my favs from the Vanity Fair Oscar party
everyone pretty much looked GREAT but these just made my day...

Zoe Saldana! OMG ii am iin Love wiith thiis Gurl!!!
She could wear a plastic bag and still look Haute!
photo by Kristian Dowling
Alicia Keys looks amazing in ANYTHING!
photo by George Pimentel

Ginnifer Goodwin iin a dress i'd totally wear!
photo by Kristian Dowling
ii thiink Jessica Biel looks Great in purple!
photo by Kristian Dowling

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Biirthday BBAAZZOOKKAA

Awww man ii forgot to post the piicz from the lil birthday dinner at my place on friiday for my Kiid Brother BZKA....

Lol Dunken Monkeys

The MakeUp Artist

Tina Al

What an amazing Saturday!!! And even tho ii am beyond heart broken about the break-up ii still managed to have a great time thanx to my WONDERFUL FRiiEND Xtina...

You Guys know her as Tina Al the Photographer... and a great photographer she iis! Her photos are always Amazing!!! (as you can see)

But aside from that shes just a really great person!!! Funny as Hell!, beyond intelligent, and way cutter than your baby sister. (lol No Joke!) We've been friends for a while and ii think ii loved her the first day we met in the blazing NY heat on 34th street yrs ago!!! lol

People please get to know her! shes the iish! You can view her WORK_HERE! and her Myspace_HERE!... She so down to earth you'd kill me for not introducing her sooner!!! lol

The MakeUp Artist

Don't ask me why my breast were out! lol

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Twitters down...

Very sad Twitter iis down for some maintenance....

lol iisn't thiis a cute kiid? lol
Thanx Google iimages

Fashion Week SO FAR....

Just wanted to show you some of my favz from Fashion Week 09 so far...

ii must say HANDS DOWN So Far my favorite line comes from

ii also enjoyed looks from
Anna Sui


Cynthia Steffe
(ii thought thiis was so sexy ii could
totally picture me in this lol
And Last but not Least
Michael Kors
(who always makes my list lol)

More to come fur Sure... iin the mean time Let me know what you think!
Do You LuvMy Favz as much as ii do???



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stop Yelling at me!!!

lol ii didn't know how hard it was to keep up with my blog until now lol everyone is liike yelling at me like WTF y u not posting??? lmfao SORRY!!!!! i've been a little busy dude!!!!! but im here im here ii PRomise!!!! in the mean tiime heres a new pic of me SUCKAZ!!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Are you seriious?

WTF? iim so lost idk what to say....
How do you go from
To THIS???

SMH ii have nothing else to say about that its freakiin me out...
he'll probably commit suicide in '09...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ii Love Asher Roth!!!

Oh my word! ii may be obsessed!

I was first introduced to Ashter Roth's music in the summer of 08' thanks Steven who told me i had to hear the best freestyle to the famous ‘A Millie’ beat... And ii must say ii had to agree... He was just flowiin and making much sense...

iim super excited about his debut album droppin in April '09 which i believe is tittled "Asleep in the Bread Aisle"
This dude has amaziing skillz and ladies he iis super CUTE!
What ii love most iis he isnt a Poser! Hes just him no fronts no fakes....
uuuggghhhh i'd love to meet hiim even tho i'd prolly annoy the hell outta hiim lol

Grammy 2009 Blah Blah Blah

Rihanna and Chris Brown attending the 2009 Grammy Salute To Industry Icons
Photograph: Lester Cohen/Lester Cohen/

DAMN iT!!!! iif ii hear one more damn story about Chris Brown and Rihanna iim going to lose my damn miind! WTF PEOPLE WE DO NOT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY!!!!!
SMH Dude iim not saying what CB did was ok but wtf iim sure he didnt whiip that ass for no reason... ii Really dont feel that Ike Turner viibe iin him... so until we get the whole story SHUT THE FUK UP!

iin other news!!! BLiiNK 182 iis BACK!!!!

Travis Barker told the crowd:
"We used to play together, and we decided to play music together once again. Blink is back,"

iim just really happy Travis Barker & DJ AM survived that Siick plane crash last September!

Theres so much more where thiis came from too bad ii have thiings to do B Back Later!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fill Me iiN...

Hey!!! ii know iit's been a few days and a few of you are like "damn gurl" where have you been lol but ii've honestly just been out of iit but iiM BACK and ii must say Today was such an amazing day! The weather was GREAT and i spoke to my BFF Nancy who iis in the Navy and is stationed in Japan....

soooo iit seems that for the past few days ii've been stayiing up hella late and waking up even later lol but not today, ii was forced to wake up at 11am to move my car (damn that effiin NYC Parking) ii was so damn tired i almost fell down the stairs in my building OUCH...
So ii decided to grab a coffee from my FAVORITE Drive Through Dunkin Donuts iin the Bronx...They make the best coffee ii SWEAR! and that iish totally woke me up and put me in a great mood and had me BLASTiiN Hot 97'z "ThrowBack at Noon" lol
Mr. C truly went in today and played sum classic joiintz liike thiis one

Craig David- Fill Me iiN!!!! OMG that made my day and its been stuck in my head since 12:30 lol

anywho im watching family matters now sooo Good Niight


Friday, February 6, 2009

Nothing Constructiive

Didn't do much today... drove around ran errands and iish nothing special to talk about except for these cool piics ii took in my hallway and iin mah car...

ii bought thiis hat last year prolly from URBAN but ii dont remember anywho ii found iit stashed away in my room and threw iit on and fell iin love all over agaiin... More piic on the MYSPACE!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pathmark Paparazzi!


OK sooo dude ii LOVE Pathmark lol but for sum reason when ii get there ii go a LiiL krazy...for instance last niight ii was the Pathmark Paparazzi!, and unfortuntetly for Kristen she was my Pathmark Celeb lol iit was too funny seriiously picture me running around Pathmark with a damn camera chasing poor Kriis haha!!! iit was sooo much funny she even tryed to slap the camera a few tiimes and beat me up LMFAO shes such a biioth!