Monday, February 9, 2009

Fill Me iiN...

Hey!!! ii know iit's been a few days and a few of you are like "damn gurl" where have you been lol but ii've honestly just been out of iit but iiM BACK and ii must say Today was such an amazing day! The weather was GREAT and i spoke to my BFF Nancy who iis in the Navy and is stationed in Japan....

soooo iit seems that for the past few days ii've been stayiing up hella late and waking up even later lol but not today, ii was forced to wake up at 11am to move my car (damn that effiin NYC Parking) ii was so damn tired i almost fell down the stairs in my building OUCH...
So ii decided to grab a coffee from my FAVORITE Drive Through Dunkin Donuts iin the Bronx...They make the best coffee ii SWEAR! and that iish totally woke me up and put me in a great mood and had me BLASTiiN Hot 97'z "ThrowBack at Noon" lol
Mr. C truly went in today and played sum classic joiintz liike thiis one

Craig David- Fill Me iiN!!!! OMG that made my day and its been stuck in my head since 12:30 lol

anywho im watching family matters now sooo Good Niight


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