Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tina Al

What an amazing Saturday!!! And even tho ii am beyond heart broken about the break-up ii still managed to have a great time thanx to my WONDERFUL FRiiEND Xtina...

You Guys know her as Tina Al the Photographer... and a great photographer she iis! Her photos are always Amazing!!! (as you can see)

But aside from that shes just a really great person!!! Funny as Hell!, beyond intelligent, and way cutter than your baby sister. (lol No Joke!) We've been friends for a while and ii think ii loved her the first day we met in the blazing NY heat on 34th street yrs ago!!! lol

People please get to know her! shes the iish! You can view her WORK_HERE! and her Myspace_HERE!... She so down to earth you'd kill me for not introducing her sooner!!! lol

The MakeUp Artist

Don't ask me why my breast were out! lol

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