Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

I cant believe this! you dont even know! i'm speechless and im just going to leave it at Rest In Peace MJ....

all my music for the next 7 days will be classic MJ....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

An Amazing 22nd Birthday!!!!

ii must say ii had a truly amazing time! iit was the perfect birthday!!! Unfortunately ii was so wasted i forgot to take pictures lol but what eva lol

Before ii tell you about my special day iii must say thanx to EVERYONE who hiit me up to wish me well ii love all yall!!!! and to CHARLTON my "so called friiend" YOU CAN Kii$$ My A$$!!!!! What a jerk! of all people in the world YOU chose not to call ME? smh LAME!

Any who wiith that out my system ii can tell you about the day!!! Literally from 12am we started the partyiin lol my mommy cooked me a huge dinner lol yea at 12am! hahahaha but b4 we ate we cut my cute lil biirthday cake and my BF and Bro ambused me and ii had cake ALL OVER MY FACE smh! So after diner and cake off to the bottle lol oh man i was done..... ii finally fell asleep at around 5am and still managed to wake up at lik 11am idk how so dont ask.... ii did my hair (new style you guys are going to love) OMG and when ii finally got done with that ii got THE CaLL ii've been waitiing for!!! YeeeeeeeeeS Nordstrom Called and guess what???? iiim their NEWEST Make-Up Artiist!!!! lol yay ii start on June 3!!!!!! lol like what a great gift! actually the best gift thiis year lol soooo iim super excited and got dressed and began the party again around 4pm (Wiink Wiink Ladies you already know lol lol lol)lol So me and my BF end up in BK at like 8pm and he drives straight to the Liquor store drags me inside and say "which moet you want" im like wtf!!! lol hes like iits tiime to celebrate lol wow!!!!!!! sooo ii get the moet dropped him at the barber and went to pick up Skeeter (Teresa) and Briit....
After about an hour of trying to figure out what ii actually wanted to do we decied to just hang in my mans backyard.... everyone's smokiiin (except me) and my man comes outta nowhere with my moet shakes it and pops iit lol he takes a huge sip and pretends to kiss me the next thiing iii know iiim soaked hahahahaha!!!!!! iii was sooooooooooo mad ii just laughed untill iii fell lmfao but any who ii didn't notice how strong Moet was till i drank the WHOLE BOTTLE BY MYSELF lmao hahaha hunny ii was drunk!!!! But after about 2 or 3 hours everyone was starving and we went to ihop and just acted a fool.... lol im not telling yall about the rest of the niiight cuz i cant remember and sum stuff yall just don't need to know... lol

Already a Bit Wasted lol

Todays Mini Hangover... lol

Monday, May 25, 2009

Biirthday Liist!!!

Ok so everyonez been driviin me nuts askiin me what ii want for the biig biirthday and iii've finally decided to just put up a blog wiit all the neat stuff i would love to get for my b-day lol Wiink! Wiink!

First I'd Love thiis amazing Fragrence

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

:::Uggh iit smells sooo Del-iish! This Parfume iis made wiith Wild Berries, Mandarins, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine, Amber, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Praline You can find this at Sephora iitz best when you buy the set because its a better value .

Viva La Juicy gift Set Values at about $120 and you only pay $90!!!!

Viva la Juicy Gift Set ($120 Value)

Every one know iim madly in love with Hot Couture by Givenchy

Hot Couture will cost you $85 at Sephora expensive yes! But i'll love you forever lmfao!

Hot Couture

So ii really need thiis brush for my belt! iits actually the only one iim missing for some strange reason... Thiis happens to be my second favorite brush sooo someone get on iit lol iit doesn't have to be from sephora because MAC actually has a good one also.... Sephora's Will run you $35 MAC's 18cm brush will run you about $42

Professionnel Platinum Stippling Brush #44

So ii know ii talk about a similar product a few months ago but this one iiis perfect for me!!! not only does iit give you YOUR PERFECT SHADE OF PiiNK but iit PLUMPS also!!!! lol yay!!!! You can fiind thiis at Sephora or Nordstrom for $24....

O-PLUMP Intuitive Lip Plumper With Goji Berry-C Complex™

ii have 3 more thiings to add to my bday liist for you peepz so when i find the pictures i'll let chu know lol muahz!!! and STOP askiin me what ii want b4 ii BITE YOU lol

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Count Down Beginz!

OMG my 22 Birrthday iiz iin 6 DAYZ!!!!

Scary bugz!!!

UGGH! ok so every one who knows me knows i hate bugz but like its more like a phobia so any who my poor puppy got bit by a fukiin tiick! OMG the iish was stuck in her head!!! i almost passed out! a freakiin police officer had to pull i out wiith a tweezer!

So while im paniciin and half way passed out little Japan was a complete solider!!! lol my lil baby iiz a rider! idk iif she even knew the thing was biting her lol....

so iits all my mommyz fault yall know how over protective ii am and i never let her get next to street lights and big trees with alot of grass smh mommy really let her sit there and play in the dirt lol omg my poor Japan...

Has anyone ever been through thiis? please tell me iif im over reacting lol

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hey people! ii miss you guys!!! iit's liike 10:45am and im getting ready to go meet up wiith my homiez who have offically reunited!!!! lol Skeeter and Briit I love you biitches!!! lol

Side bar:: Justine ii miiss you! lol
New Fav Songz: Amerie- Why R U, Al Be Back Feat Fabolous- Mira Mira

soo yea who knowz what the day brings pics up later fur shur....


The Count Down Till Tha Biig Day beginz tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009



I was just hired to do the make-up for an amazing Talent Showcase In Brooklyn on June 6th,2009!!!!

I'm super excited about it because it not like the normal work I do on models and brides.... I will have the pleaseure of working with some amazingly talented youth!!! So please come come show your love for these rising stars and also view my work in action..... :)

Young Adult Talent Showcase

Saturday, June 6th, 2009 @ 4:30pm
The Bed-Stuy Community Theatre
1958 Fulton Street (cor. Howard Ave)
Brooklyn, NY, 11233

Hosted by:
Malik Hammond
("Malcolm" in the Broadway musical 13 and "John-John in the movie "the Perfect Holiday")
Also Hosted by:
Brynn Williams
(Cassie in the Broadway Musical 13)

Advanced Tickets $15
$20 at the Door

For Tickets and Information Please Contact
Natasha Cohen @ (917) 846-4691


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lap top biz

lol ok so ii've offically been slackiin!

ii've been puttin mad iish off and not showiin anyone love... I just got the cutest Juicy Couture to carry my laptop iin so i have NO MORE excuses lol promise!!!

now back to yesterdays post...

1. NEW JOB!!! lol
**** I totally rocked that interview and now your looking at Ms. MANGER for SEPHORA inside JCPenny.... im super excited! mainly because my boss is an amazing women who seems to have a great personality! and because the location is brand new!!!! uuggghhh YEEEEEEEEES! lol

2. NEW MAN!!!! (Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees)
He's GREAT! we met in an ODD place lol (no im not tellin u where) but he's honestly great! and yall know my ass is picky! but ii am super happy we met.... FO SHO!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sorry :)

Damn iits been sooooo long since my last post mannnn...


But lets see whats new....

1.) NEW JOB!!!!
2.)NEW MAN!!!

LOL aint i a mess? well i'lll give you detail in a min lemme wash this jet black out mah hair!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

For Sale...

Hey All my Retro Junkiessssss I totally for got ii still had a bunch of kicks ii have to get rid of (making room in mah closet...)
Email me:::


Friday, April 17, 2009

Sassy: iim the Guy! lol

CHIOKE NASSOR has me in tears with this one....
I saw this on Va$htie'z Blog (ii Love her!) And ii had to show yall....

Titsburg: "sassy gay" from Chioke Nassor on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today's Make Up

Hey everyone iim adding another peice to my blog called TODAY'S MAKE UP... It'll pretty much be a photo of my Make-Up That day, Tips to get the look, List of all products used that day and where to find them....

CASSiiE Say iit aiint so???

OK So ii Want EveryOne to know iim soooo mad!!!
Why didnt anyone tell me mah wiife Cassie cut her hair???
She iis soooo Lucky shes Beyond Georgous
Cuz iiim actually feeliin the cut...
Just gotta get used to iit....
She's always been the Sexy/Glam Girl
now she's all punk rock looking...
Oh well ii still luv her lol!
And shes still BAD!
Oh yea People Go listen to her new song
Yes the one i've been stuck on for weeks lol
"Must Be Love" Feat Diddy

:::This Video iis Kinda funny:::

"Bang Bang Bang"

Angie Do You Remember thiis shyt???
OMG ii found thiis on sum CUTE Dude's blog
and lemme tell u the memories behind this are silly!!!

This iis LALA

Thiis iiz LaLa...
I'd totally hiit iit...
:::Sorry LaLa! ii had to tell em:::

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OMG What A weekend!!!

HEY everyone!!!! Hello to all my new Followers! I've been MIA for like a week I know I know lol but anywho lemme catch you up on my weekend!
Friday- So the party and my job at "ALBANY MANOR" was a FLOP! anywho Me and Justine ended up going to hang out with the fucking so called "OWNER" of the club and that mutha fucka LEFT US at sum wack ass party!!! uuugghh wat a lame!!! But thanks to his lameness we got to hang out with one of his close friends who was super cool and took us to this party where there were MAD strippers and Free Driinks!!! YAY!!! Also thanx to his lameness we met sum really cool people who i'm going to be doing sum work for.... Go Me!!! After the strippers and driinks I drove to this diner and ate yummy french toast and Justine met a stalker lol (GUYS: If a girl gives you her number at 8am after a long night of partyiin DONT FUCKING CALL HER AT 10am!!!! "uugghhh NiiGGA iiM sLeeP!" and ytf you calliin me private and haviin sumone else call cuz im not answering for you!!! STALKER)

Saturday- So i got home at about 10am-ish, showered, talked to Charlton for about an hour and KNOCKED the heck out! I woke up a few times cuz Japan was jumpiin on my head till i threw her ass out my room and like every was calling me!!! wtf but I finally at around 7pm and got a call inviting us bak to the "strip club/party thiing" lol so we get ready and go and ii must say we had a good tiime! Lap dances Grey Goose and Cranberry piiiishh couldnt have asked for a better niight...

Waiit!!!! lemme tell you how at the end of he niight our new friend asked me to take 3 of his strippers home... yall know me I dont have no problems wiit droppiin no one off as long as its on the way not to mention he gave me 40cash for gas like I drive sum big ass truck lol idk but any who the girls were cool and FUNNY one of these chicks was soooo wasted they thought she was gonna vomit and they made her hold a plastic bag cuz i told them is she barfs im kickiin them all out idc where we are! lol (no iim not mean! ii just like my car more than ii like random strippers lol) sooo anywho yea we get on the highway and this dumb ass drunk chick yellls "I Gotta Pee" WTF!!!! Nigga we just left how u bout to piss on urself UGGHHHH!! Shes like half way in tears talkiin about how she cant hold iit lmfao sooooo i get off the high way sumwhere in Williamsburg BK lol and i pull ova... Justine opens the door and this biitch who was sitting in the back seat between her two friiends comes FLYiiN out the car LMFAO!!!! PEOPLE please remember I driive a COUPE!!! lmfao IDK how she did that iish... so anyways this dumb ass girl fukiin starts pissin on her self! WTF and has the nerve to be talkiin bout can i get sum tissue... WHAT!?!?!?! OMG Then she has the nerve to ask Where am ii Gonna go? LMFAO iitch you already peed ur pants u might as well finish ur biz near the car so no one driving by sees u!!! nooooo this DUMB ass girl goes mad far away from the car pull her pants allllll the way down and goes!!! lol the worst part iis that the exit to the high way is right there and there were MAD cars comming hahahaha iit was sooooo funny because her friends in the back were like "OMG look at that man driviing by Look at his face look at hiis face" LMFAO! so she finally finishes and Justine made her sit on the plastic bag... Finally we get to harlem where we dropped them off and when she got out the car the plastic bag and some Gum were stuck to her butt! lmfao idk yall and y did i find mad condoms and 2 fukiin beers in my back seat???? idk! But Justine and I went to iHop after all dat and ii laughed so hard i criied....
Sunday- hummm what a blurrrr lol I woke up super late because i got in at like 11am lmfao but wat eva... Our new friiend from BK asked me to come by cuz he really needed me to run his bar.... hummmmmm ii was sooo tired and like burned out but ii was like fuck iit and went anyway... I picked up the luv of my liife LOL Xtiina and then we went and got justine... we partied for a while met sum new peeps and took our asses home...

sooooo yeaaaaa sorry i've beem MIA peepz ii wont do iit agaiin Fo Sho (Super Bad)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get Naked!

ii dont know iif ii told you guys yet but iim managing a Club in BK!!!! lol iits called Albany Manor and from what ii here iit was a pretty hot spot... The Club will be reopening this Friday April 3rd 2009! iim super excited! i'll be hostiing that niight and possibly guess bartending! lol its gonna be FUN!!!! lol hahah

Anywho being that ii am the "MANAGER" lol I do most of the hiring! and guess who iim hiring today???? yup you guessed it STRIPPERS!!!! lol hahah this iis going to be interesting!!! lol
ii'LL keep you posted lol possibly some photos haha!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pure luxury for the lips

I want to introduce you to an amazing Lip Gloss actually probably the best "Ultra Sheen Gloss" I've ever used. "Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss" by HourGlass is beyond wonderful. This Gloss is Long Lasting, Ultra Smooth, Ridiculously Shiny, and WATERPROOF!!! Yes I said it Water proof which is unheard of in a lip gloss. Although the gloss isn't smudge proof (Meaning if your kissing it will eventually rub off) it's still a great gloss because it wont be all sticky on your boo's face lol

Hourglass was created by by the same amazing person who created one of my other faves Urban Decay. This line is originally from LA but is doing very here in the NY.... Hourglass if for sure a luxury brand of makeup it's hip, chic and Packed with skincare benefits. (ii can't wait to tell you about their foundation). Currently Hourglass does not do any advertising (like MAC and Make Up For Ever) but some how still manages to have a Fabulous Celeb. Clientele.

So anywho Check out their WEBSITE its awsome and go to Sephora and try the gloss in "Imagine" this color is exclusive to Sephora and it looks GREAT on everyone! no lie! I must warn you this is a LUXURY brand meaning the prices are not low! lol This Gloss will cost you $28 but I promise it's worth every penny and you'll thank me! lol

Monday, March 30, 2009

LaLa Got Me Luviin GAGA

Thanx to LALA iiim totally effin hooked on Lady GaGa!!! lol She's a hot lil number yo iiim feeliin her Fo Sho lol :Check me out quoiting super bad lol:

"On Your Way"

People lemme tell you!

lol ok so mah buddy Charlton was in the studio all day and ii the outcome was amazing....
He emailed me 5 hot tracks that are pretty HOT ii must say!
My fave is called "On Your Way" iits a hot 50Cent type song lol ova a Roots beat (What They Do) with a super cool Charlton twist lol...

I swear iit's a hot song and as soon as he giives me permission to post iit ii will...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Twit? or not to Twit??? lloll

:::ii saw this on Va$htie'z blog and almost laughed to death:::


Hey People!!!
Someone Emailed me a question....

Q: Who has the "perfect pink" lip gloss?
A: hummm good question I honestly don't think there is just one Perfect Pink gloss. I have a few favorites that I use on myself and clients...

:::My Favorites:::

O-GLOSS Intuitive Lip Gloss With Goji Berry-C Complex™

O-Gloss by SmashBox is a naturally pink-hued lip gloss. Meaning this intuitive smooth gloss reacts with YOUR skin chemistry to transform from the CLEAR gloss into your OWN custom shade of pink. Cool huh? I love it! It looks Different On Everyone!!!! You can buy O-Gloss at Sephora and it cost $22. Also its so smooth you don't need any lip balm under it!!! (Liike Butta baby) lol

"The innovative formula is packed with an exclusive Goji Berry-C Complex™, ginkgo biloba, and pomegranate seed antioxidants
along with revitalizing marine botanicals and moisturizing avocado oil for lustrous shine." This gloss won Best of Sephora in 2008.

Venom Gloss by DuWop is a MUST HAVE!!! This is my everyday gloss! lol it's amazing! If you want Full, Glossy, Kissable Lips then this is the gloss for you. It comes in 9 colors but the "perfect pink" is my shade which is called "Lantana" You can pick this gloss up at Sephora and it'll cost you $18. Please note this is a lip plumper! So it will tingle a bit and make your lips a little bit fuller.


NARS actually has 3 amazing glosses that I try to use regularly...

One is a NARS Lip Lacquer in Baby Doll :a sparkly cotton candy pink:
I love it because it's super think and is really great for long wear. I do recommend wearing a lip balm under it. This HOT gloss will run you about $24 and comes in 14 other hot colors. If you like the texture of this product but want a bit more intense pink try it in Hot Wired :a sheer but BRIGHT fuchsia:

Also from NARS ii love their Lip Gloss in a tube which is pretty much your basic lip gloss. This gloss is amazing its smooth and smells good... It comes in over 35 colors and cost $24. This gloss won best of Sephora 2008. My two favorites are Orgasm :a shimmery peachy pink: and Tukish Delight :a Smooth Milky Pink: (Turkiish delight is LALA's Fave!!!)

A few More to come just looking in my Kit....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Carrots or Avocados???


OK soooooo my new friiend *FoNZ* iis feeling the burn this evening.
We have a
lil bet going on over something a bit silly but interesting... lol
He seems to think for some odd reason that Carrots are better than Avocado!!!
Has he lost his mind?
smh What do you think people??? Seriously!
If he
wins the bet ii have to eat a NASTY raw Carrot
if ii Win he has to eat a piece of Avocado....


Pharell!?!? LOL

:::ii Saw thiis video of my husband lol on Kanyes blog:::
iit'z too funny lol ii luv how the girls are like weirded out by hiim
and are treatiin him liike any other krazy man lmfao:::

:::Did they run and call the police???:::

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Story Of My Liife!

ii swear thiis video couldn't have come at a better/worst tiime... lol
:::Go Ms.Hilson lookiin RiiTE iin da viideo:::

Givenchy "Hot Couture"

O M G!!! My New Fave!!!
ok so ii've been wearing Hot Couture for a few months now and ii must say its the best perfume i've ever worn. ii discovered iit while ii was working at Sephora and you know me always experimenting.... lol

Any who Givenchy has a long standing name for quality in the perfume world with other great fragrances such as Givenchy Organza, Givenchy Very Irr├ęsistible Givenchy, Givenchy Amarige .

Hot Couture comes in this cute white box with silver lettering but please don't be fooled by the subtle packaging the fragrance is not! lol

Hot Couture
is a glamorous yet sophisticated fragrance.
The oriental fragrance is pretty much made with Raspberry Dew, Jasmine, Bergamot and White Musk so if your style is Confident, Flirtatious, and Elegant (Like mine lol) then this is a must have!!! The scent isn't too harsh or too sweet and once its on its there all day baby!!!

Givenchy is a Paris based perfume maker, so you know that means it isn't cheap. I paid $85 for Hot Couture at Sephora but trust me it's worth every penny.

Even Charlton couldn't stop smelling me! lol
Rating: 10+++ lol

you've been askiin!

So every one has been asking me to do some post about
different Products and techniques....

and here they are lol

ii"ll be posting my honest opinions about different products
and show a few techniques and tricks ii use on mah self
and clients...

Stay tuned!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


H E R .

That's the new name baby lol iii can't really explaiiin iit now but Charlton promiises you'll understand soon lol...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lance Gross

ok so everyone iis goiing to laugh when they read thiis....
ii have a crush on thiis actor yo!
Seriiously idk what iit iis about hiim but ii i met hiim
ii dead ass let hiim take iit down (lmfao j/k)
but for real tho ii liike hiim lmfao!!! oh and ii liike hiis gurl too haha!

Pacific Division

:::ii Love These Guyz:::

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Love, Hate...

Vern put me on to thiis song mad long ago but iim finally juss seeing the viideo lol
:::I reall luv thiis song:::

"Fur iin my cap"


yooooo so iim late as usual!!! lol but dude wats good wiiff thiis group The Weirdos??? ii really liike em lol and isnt that boy cute idk theres sumthing about hiis voiice that makes me happy lol hummm the cool kiids remind me of these guys a lil biit...

latex dummy

lmfao my bro showed me thiis video of this guy blowiin up a latex glove wiith hiis nose LMFAO wtf who thiinkz of shyt liike dat lol jusss watch iit its so silly... iits liike the bigger it got the harder it was for hiim to blow... at first i was scared it was gonna pop and like hurt hiim but wen he kept goiin i just thought he was gonna pass out lol


ii swear ii can be in the worst mood every and thiiis song always put me at ease... idk y but iit liike puts me in sumtype of zone... ii wonder how i'd feel iif i was a pot head lol good thiis ii dont smoke lol...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Niight Stand XX

::: Are You Guys BROTHERS???::: lol

:Thiis photo iis not as sexual as iit looks ii SWEAR!!!:

::ii Luv thiis Kiid he was sooo funny!::

ii had an amaziin tiime partyiin in Brooklyn @ the One Niight Stand xx Party... Here are some piic fromt he evening... Please check out all the piicz Xtiina took of the party HERE...

Friday, March 13, 2009


Photo taken from:OctobersVeryOwn

Yooooo! Seriiously!! WTF!!! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME MY BOYFRiiEND FROM DEGRASSI iis a Fukiin AMAZiing ARTiisT!!! OMG!!! He Raps! He ACTs!! He SiiNGs!!!

Soooo I've always loved his musiic but never saw the face behind the words lol you know me never have tiime to get into music videos and iish liike dat lol but anywho iits sooo weiird cuz iii thiink ii actually have a lil "straight" crush on hiim LMFAO!!!! like are u seriious! come on now ii can't look at hiim the same!!! like he was cute b4 but this whole Rap thiing jusss made hiis light skinned sellf EXTRA SEXY lmfao!!!!

iidk which song ii like better but trust the iipod iis on repeat!
My favz: Brand New, I can take your Girl, and Best I ever Had!!! uggghhh im iin luv lol

Photo collected from: Google Images

Thursday, March 12, 2009

lol Greg thanx for reminding me!!!

Xtiina Remember this??? lmfao!!!

Yooooo thiis was so funny and old.... Like a year ago Me and Xtiina went to TGIFridays and had sum driinks wiith one of my BFF's (Greg) and we were soo drunk lol.... Greg just reminded me about thiis video...

But seriious isn't thiis funny?

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Great friiend!

ii forgot to post thiis but LaLa Made thiis for me b4 me and Kriis got back together...

ii Love that gurl!!! lol


Not sure iif itz safe...

Dope Piic...

iizn't thiis a dope piic? man ii luv my buddy Xtiina... Even tho the party wasn't all that we had Major fun...

Sum piicz ii Promised...

jusss summm more piicz from that party me and Xtiina went to....