Saturday, May 30, 2009

An Amazing 22nd Birthday!!!!

ii must say ii had a truly amazing time! iit was the perfect birthday!!! Unfortunately ii was so wasted i forgot to take pictures lol but what eva lol

Before ii tell you about my special day iii must say thanx to EVERYONE who hiit me up to wish me well ii love all yall!!!! and to CHARLTON my "so called friiend" YOU CAN Kii$$ My A$$!!!!! What a jerk! of all people in the world YOU chose not to call ME? smh LAME!

Any who wiith that out my system ii can tell you about the day!!! Literally from 12am we started the partyiin lol my mommy cooked me a huge dinner lol yea at 12am! hahahaha but b4 we ate we cut my cute lil biirthday cake and my BF and Bro ambused me and ii had cake ALL OVER MY FACE smh! So after diner and cake off to the bottle lol oh man i was done..... ii finally fell asleep at around 5am and still managed to wake up at lik 11am idk how so dont ask.... ii did my hair (new style you guys are going to love) OMG and when ii finally got done with that ii got THE CaLL ii've been waitiing for!!! YeeeeeeeeeS Nordstrom Called and guess what???? iiim their NEWEST Make-Up Artiist!!!! lol yay ii start on June 3!!!!!! lol like what a great gift! actually the best gift thiis year lol soooo iim super excited and got dressed and began the party again around 4pm (Wiink Wiink Ladies you already know lol lol lol)lol So me and my BF end up in BK at like 8pm and he drives straight to the Liquor store drags me inside and say "which moet you want" im like wtf!!! lol hes like iits tiime to celebrate lol wow!!!!!!! sooo ii get the moet dropped him at the barber and went to pick up Skeeter (Teresa) and Briit....
After about an hour of trying to figure out what ii actually wanted to do we decied to just hang in my mans backyard.... everyone's smokiiin (except me) and my man comes outta nowhere with my moet shakes it and pops iit lol he takes a huge sip and pretends to kiss me the next thiing iii know iiim soaked hahahahaha!!!!!! iii was sooooooooooo mad ii just laughed untill iii fell lmfao but any who ii didn't notice how strong Moet was till i drank the WHOLE BOTTLE BY MYSELF lmao hahaha hunny ii was drunk!!!! But after about 2 or 3 hours everyone was starving and we went to ihop and just acted a fool.... lol im not telling yall about the rest of the niiight cuz i cant remember and sum stuff yall just don't need to know... lol

Already a Bit Wasted lol

Todays Mini Hangover... lol

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  1. At 12 am?? Damn, what time did you go to sleep Miss Marshmellows?

    --You did got to sleep, didn't you? Hmm...