Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scary bugz!!!

UGGH! ok so every one who knows me knows i hate bugz but like its more like a phobia so any who my poor puppy got bit by a fukiin tiick! OMG the iish was stuck in her head!!! i almost passed out! a freakiin police officer had to pull i out wiith a tweezer!

So while im paniciin and half way passed out little Japan was a complete solider!!! lol my lil baby iiz a rider! idk iif she even knew the thing was biting her lol....

so iits all my mommyz fault yall know how over protective ii am and i never let her get next to street lights and big trees with alot of grass smh mommy really let her sit there and play in the dirt lol omg my poor Japan...

Has anyone ever been through thiis? please tell me iif im over reacting lol

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