Friday, March 13, 2009


Photo taken from:OctobersVeryOwn

Yooooo! Seriiously!! WTF!!! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME MY BOYFRiiEND FROM DEGRASSI iis a Fukiin AMAZiing ARTiisT!!! OMG!!! He Raps! He ACTs!! He SiiNGs!!!

Soooo I've always loved his musiic but never saw the face behind the words lol you know me never have tiime to get into music videos and iish liike dat lol but anywho iits sooo weiird cuz iii thiink ii actually have a lil "straight" crush on hiim LMFAO!!!! like are u seriious! come on now ii can't look at hiim the same!!! like he was cute b4 but this whole Rap thiing jusss made hiis light skinned sellf EXTRA SEXY lmfao!!!!

iidk which song ii like better but trust the iipod iis on repeat!
My favz: Brand New, I can take your Girl, and Best I ever Had!!! uggghhh im iin luv lol

Photo collected from: Google Images

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