Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pure luxury for the lips

:Photo: Hourglass.com:
I want to introduce you to an amazing Lip Gloss actually probably the best "Ultra Sheen Gloss" I've ever used. "Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss" by HourGlass is beyond wonderful. This Gloss is Long Lasting, Ultra Smooth, Ridiculously Shiny, and WATERPROOF!!! Yes I said it Water proof which is unheard of in a lip gloss. Although the gloss isn't smudge proof (Meaning if your kissing it will eventually rub off) it's still a great gloss because it wont be all sticky on your boo's face lol

Hourglass was created by by the same amazing person who created one of my other faves Urban Decay. This line is originally from LA but is doing very here in the NY.... Hourglass if for sure a luxury brand of makeup it's hip, chic and Packed with skincare benefits. (ii can't wait to tell you about their foundation). Currently Hourglass does not do any advertising (like MAC and Make Up For Ever) but some how still manages to have a Fabulous Celeb. Clientele.

So anywho Check out their WEBSITE its awsome and go to Sephora and try the gloss in "Imagine" this color is exclusive to Sephora and it looks GREAT on everyone! no lie! I must warn you this is a LUXURY brand meaning the prices are not low! lol This Gloss will cost you $28 but I promise it's worth every penny and you'll thank me! lol


  1. omg this is looks amazing! i want to try it NOW!

  2. i love these lip gloss, love the colors. thanks for sharing.

  3. oh my gosh i have to try this now