Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey People!!!
Someone Emailed me a question....

Q: Who has the "perfect pink" lip gloss?
A: hummm good question I honestly don't think there is just one Perfect Pink gloss. I have a few favorites that I use on myself and clients...

:::My Favorites:::

O-GLOSS Intuitive Lip Gloss With Goji Berry-C Complex™

O-Gloss by SmashBox is a naturally pink-hued lip gloss. Meaning this intuitive smooth gloss reacts with YOUR skin chemistry to transform from the CLEAR gloss into your OWN custom shade of pink. Cool huh? I love it! It looks Different On Everyone!!!! You can buy O-Gloss at Sephora and it cost $22. Also its so smooth you don't need any lip balm under it!!! (Liike Butta baby) lol

"The innovative formula is packed with an exclusive Goji Berry-C Complex™, ginkgo biloba, and pomegranate seed antioxidants
along with revitalizing marine botanicals and moisturizing avocado oil for lustrous shine." This gloss won Best of Sephora in 2008.

Venom Gloss by DuWop is a MUST HAVE!!! This is my everyday gloss! lol it's amazing! If you want Full, Glossy, Kissable Lips then this is the gloss for you. It comes in 9 colors but the "perfect pink" is my shade which is called "Lantana" You can pick this gloss up at Sephora and it'll cost you $18. Please note this is a lip plumper! So it will tingle a bit and make your lips a little bit fuller.


NARS actually has 3 amazing glosses that I try to use regularly...

One is a NARS Lip Lacquer in Baby Doll :a sparkly cotton candy pink:
I love it because it's super think and is really great for long wear. I do recommend wearing a lip balm under it. This HOT gloss will run you about $24 and comes in 14 other hot colors. If you like the texture of this product but want a bit more intense pink try it in Hot Wired :a sheer but BRIGHT fuchsia:

Also from NARS ii love their Lip Gloss in a tube which is pretty much your basic lip gloss. This gloss is amazing its smooth and smells good... It comes in over 35 colors and cost $24. This gloss won best of Sephora 2008. My two favorites are Orgasm :a shimmery peachy pink: and Tukish Delight :a Smooth Milky Pink: (Turkiish delight is LALA's Fave!!!)

A few More to come just looking in my Kit....


  1. I def say for the perfect pink lipgloss is NARS like turkish delight and my fav although its not pink Giza by NARS but I only say that because I love sheer cream gloss & hate lip-glosses that have sparkles and shit in them lol

  2. Lala try the duwop u'll lluv iit iif u liike tukish delish....