Monday, March 9, 2009

Pretty Cool Weekend

What a weekend... Well Friday iiz a Blur ii thiink ii stayed my butt iin the house but ii truly cant remember lol but ii guess my weekend really started on Saturday morniing.... ii piick up my boobiie cakez (Kriisy) from work at liike 4am lol and we drove Moe and Dave home lmfao wat a funny ass riide to the BX ii thiink i laughed the whole tiime! ii tryed to show Kriis thiis new game ii downloaded on my BlackBerry but this fool looked at the main screen and said "That shiit iis wack" LMFAO Moe & Dave just bust out laughing that shyt was rude! but iit was kinda funny ii guess... but any who ii finally got home at like 7am after playing kissy face for a while lol and at about 4pm the day started agaiin lol iii ended up getting locked out the house for a while after walking my lil Japan awww shes so cute...

But BBAAZZOOKKAA finally opened the door for me... and ii waited for my buddy Charlton to get his ass home soooooooooo we could hang out... please tell me why we went to Yonkers and ate sum yummy hot wiings & deserts hummm even tho my browniie was type hard ii still enjoyed most of iit lol after we went to the movies and sum how ii let thiis fool talk me into seeing Watchmen... UGGHHHHH ii shoulda kicked his ass! that moviie was so beyond boring he fell asleep on me like 4 tiimes!!!! lol then tryed to make me leave early cuz the movie was sooo WACK! lol

ii really didn't do much on Sunday just hung out wiit an old friiend who iii missed toooo death!!!! and unfortunately she was dead tired and caught sum ZzZz during my favorite show Desperate House Wives talking bout "that shit boring" lol

But over all ii must say my weekend was pretty great... and ii know ii've been liike really down lately friiends but ii thiink iim bak! lol thanx for cariing and trying to get me back to normal!!!! iii thiink ur plans are working!!!!

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