Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OMG What A weekend!!!

HEY everyone!!!! Hello to all my new Followers! I've been MIA for like a week I know I know lol but anywho lemme catch you up on my weekend!
Friday- So the party and my job at "ALBANY MANOR" was a FLOP! anywho Me and Justine ended up going to hang out with the fucking so called "OWNER" of the club and that mutha fucka LEFT US at sum wack ass party!!! uuugghh wat a lame!!! But thanks to his lameness we got to hang out with one of his close friends who was super cool and took us to this party where there were MAD strippers and Free Driinks!!! YAY!!! Also thanx to his lameness we met sum really cool people who i'm going to be doing sum work for.... Go Me!!! After the strippers and driinks I drove to this diner and ate yummy french toast and Justine met a stalker lol (GUYS: If a girl gives you her number at 8am after a long night of partyiin DONT FUCKING CALL HER AT 10am!!!! "uugghhh NiiGGA iiM sLeeP!" and ytf you calliin me private and haviin sumone else call cuz im not answering for you!!! STALKER)

Saturday- So i got home at about 10am-ish, showered, talked to Charlton for about an hour and KNOCKED the heck out! I woke up a few times cuz Japan was jumpiin on my head till i threw her ass out my room and like every was calling me!!! wtf but I finally at around 7pm and got a call inviting us bak to the "strip club/party thiing" lol so we get ready and go and ii must say we had a good tiime! Lap dances Grey Goose and Cranberry piiiishh couldnt have asked for a better niight...

Waiit!!!! lemme tell you how at the end of he niight our new friend asked me to take 3 of his strippers home... yall know me I dont have no problems wiit droppiin no one off as long as its on the way not to mention he gave me 40cash for gas like I drive sum big ass truck lol idk but any who the girls were cool and FUNNY one of these chicks was soooo wasted they thought she was gonna vomit and they made her hold a plastic bag cuz i told them is she barfs im kickiin them all out idc where we are! lol (no iim not mean! ii just like my car more than ii like random strippers lol) sooo anywho yea we get on the highway and this dumb ass drunk chick yellls "I Gotta Pee" WTF!!!! Nigga we just left how u bout to piss on urself UGGHHHH!! Shes like half way in tears talkiin about how she cant hold iit lmfao sooooo i get off the high way sumwhere in Williamsburg BK lol and i pull ova... Justine opens the door and this biitch who was sitting in the back seat between her two friiends comes FLYiiN out the car LMFAO!!!! PEOPLE please remember I driive a COUPE!!! lmfao IDK how she did that iish... so anyways this dumb ass girl fukiin starts pissin on her self! WTF and has the nerve to be talkiin bout can i get sum tissue... WHAT!?!?!?! OMG Then she has the nerve to ask Where am ii Gonna go? LMFAO iitch you already peed ur pants u might as well finish ur biz near the car so no one driving by sees u!!! nooooo this DUMB ass girl goes mad far away from the car pull her pants allllll the way down and goes!!! lol the worst part iis that the exit to the high way is right there and there were MAD cars comming hahahaha iit was sooooo funny because her friends in the back were like "OMG look at that man driviing by Look at his face look at hiis face" LMFAO! so she finally finishes and Justine made her sit on the plastic bag... Finally we get to harlem where we dropped them off and when she got out the car the plastic bag and some Gum were stuck to her butt! lmfao idk yall and y did i find mad condoms and 2 fukiin beers in my back seat???? idk! But Justine and I went to iHop after all dat and ii laughed so hard i criied....
Sunday- hummm what a blurrrr lol I woke up super late because i got in at like 11am lmfao but wat eva... Our new friiend from BK asked me to come by cuz he really needed me to run his bar.... hummmmmm ii was sooo tired and like burned out but ii was like fuck iit and went anyway... I picked up the luv of my liife LOL Xtiina and then we went and got justine... we partied for a while met sum new peeps and took our asses home...

sooooo yeaaaaa sorry i've beem MIA peepz ii wont do iit agaiin Fo Sho (Super Bad)

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